Changing Leaves, Cooler Temperatures and Comfort Food!

As the seasons change, so do our food preferences. Instead of warm evenings behind the grill on the back patio, we take comfort in the kitchen with the aroma of slow cooked pot roast lingering throughout the house. It's Fall, and we turn to our favorite foods to provide warmth and comfort for the winter days ahead. 

While your grill hibernates for the winter, check out this lineup of comfort food recipes and enjoy the smiles on your family's faces when you say "Beef. It's What's For Dinner!" 


Looking for that perfect cut of beef? Check out the interactive butcher counter!


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  Remitting Your Private Treaty Checkoff 

If you've sold cattle in the past year outside of an auction market, during a private treaty, club calf or online sale or if you've sold freezer beef, please fill out the Private Treaty Form and remit your $1/head beef checkoff to the Nebraska Beef Council. Visit our producer communications page to learn more about your beef checkoff investment and its proven benefits to the industry. 

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